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When I finally decided to pull the trigger and chase that dream, I enlisted the help of photographer and entrepreneur Shannon Lea Rock. Shannon’s creative brain was triggered not only by the "kitchy color retro vibes" as she would say, but also by Goldie’s passion for birds. Shannon, together with Jhalainna Castaneda and Primitivo Betancourt, used their talents to turn a plain empty outdated space in downtown Lodi, into a dollhouse with midcentury modern, retro, art deco and grandma chic elements. The moment you walk into Goldie & Co. patients are greeted by the perfect hues of pink and coral. The first injection suite is inspired by the essence of a hummingbird, donning deep purple, lilac and turquoise. The second treatment suite is inspired by a parrot. It is a perfect combination of moody greens and coral, provoking a miami vibe style of tropical dreams. The third treatment room was inspired by a canary, it is yellow and happy and awakens all the senses. The bathroom’s wallpaper adorns a whimsical wallpaper named “Cold Hands” mimicking that of a surgeon, as an ode to the facial rejuvenation services provided in the space.

While the beauty of my Goldie space was being created, so was the brand as a whole. Shannon brought on her graphic design guru, Alex Sanchez, and together the Goldie brand came to life. From the brand guidelines, to the logo, to the photography, and website.... This is GOLDIE.

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Founded by Brittany Gail Luiz, MSN, FNP-C


Phone: 1-209-867-7101

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