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I was born and raised in Lodi, California along with several preceding generations, coming from a long line of nurses and first responders. My mother, Colette, pioneered the nursing careers in our family. When I was a teenager, my mother often repeated “books before boys”. She would also say “you can become anything you want but be a nurse first”. Naturally, in true teenage fashion, I did not want to listen to my mother. However, being a nurturing caregiver is in my blood and I could not escape it. I graduated with my Bachelor of Science in 2007, earned my Registered Nursing license in 2009 and Master of Science & Family Nurse Practitioner degree and license in 2017. During this time, I gained 12 years of experience in Emergency Medicine and, most recently, 5 years experience in Plastic Surgery. I have trained with dozens of the world’s top injectors and received my Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist certification in 2022. This is a prestigious certification and only available to nurses in board certified plastic surgery or dermatology and requires intensive testing. Today, I am thrilled to be practicing under the medical direction of Dr. Zachary Wagner. He is a member of the American Board of Family Medicine and provides care to Travis Air Force Base. His passion for creativity, aesthetics and wellness led him to founding and owning Rella Aesthetics in Vacaville, California.


I always knew I wanted to be an aesthetic nurse, even before it was a well-known specialty. It is the perfect combination of art and medicine. It is where I am comfortable and, truly and confidently, where I shine. After several years of injecting full-time in a local plastic surgery office under an incredible Doctor and mentor, my heart still longed for more. I wanted to expand my skills, creativity and independence. Last year a vision that was once blurry became wildly clear. This vision was a space named after and inspired by my late Great Grandmother, Goldie. I believe that the universe rewards the brave and I can't explain what came over me, but I knew it was THAT time to be brave. With the support of my family, I took the first steps towards making this dream a reality in mid 2022, and the rest is history!


Now that my dream has become a reality, I can't seem to express the soul-filling gratification and satisfaction I have when I get to help someone feel better in a world that is really tough. Oftentimes, I think I benefit from seeing my patients as much as they do -it energizes my heart and soul. I not only get to do what I love, but I get to do it in honor of my Grandmother - and in her memory make people feel as beautiful and important as she made me feel.​

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